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This blog will cover SAA-C02 exam must have knowledge: Amazon Aurora.

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  1. Amazon Aurora is a relational database engine that combines the speed and reliability of high-end commercial databases with the simplicity and cost-effectiveness of open source databases.
  2. Amazon RDS manages your Amazon Aurora databases, handling time-consuming tasks such as provisioning, patching, backup, recovery, failure detection and repair.
  3. IOs are input/output operations performed by the Aurora database engine against its SSD-based virtualized storage layer.Aurora was designed to eliminate unnecessary IO operations in order to reduce costs and to ensure resources are available for serving read/write traffic. Write IOs are only consumed when pushing transaction log records to the storage layer for the purpose of making writes durable.
  4. The minimum storage is 10GB. Based on your database usage, your Amazon Aurora storage will automatically grow, up to 64 TB, in 10GB increments with no impact to database performance. There is no need to provision storage in advance.
  5. Automated backups are always enabled on Amazon Aurora DB Instances. Backups do not impact database performance.
  6. Yes, and there is no performance impact when taking snapshots. Note that restoring data from DB Snapshots requires creating a new DB Instance.
  7. Amazon Aurora automatically maintains 6 copies of your data across 3 Availability Zones and will automatically attempt to recover your database in a healthy AZ with no data loss.
  8. Aurora gives you the ability to create snapshots of your databases, which you can use later to restore a database. You can share a snapshot with a different AWS account.You can share your Aurora snapshots in all AWS regions where Aurora is available.
  9. Your shared Aurora snapshots will only be accessible by accounts in the same region as the account that shares them.
  10. Amazon Aurora is designed to transparently handle the loss of up to two copies of data without affecting database write availability and up to three copies without affecting read availability. 
  11. You can set up cross-region Aurora replicas using either physical or logical can add up to 15 Aurora Replicas on each cross-region cluster.
  12. You can promote your cross-region replica to be the new primary from the RDS console.With Aurora Global Database, you can promote a secondary region to take full read/write workloads in under a minute.
  13. Physical replication, called Aurora Global Database. Amazon Aurora Global Database is designed for globally distributed applications, allowing a single Amazon Aurora database to span multiple AWS regions. It replicates your data with no impact on database performance, enables fast local reads with low latency in each region, and provides disaster recovery from region-wide outages.
  14. Failover is automatically handled by Amazon Aurora so that your applications can resume database operations as quickly as possible without manual administrative intervention.
  • If you have an Amazon Aurora Replica, in the same or a different Availability Zone, when failing over, Aurora flips the canonical name record (CNAME) for your DB Instance to point at the healthy replica, which is in turn promoted to become the new primary. Start-to-finish, failover typically completes within 30 seconds.
  • If you are running Aurora Serverless and the DB instance or AZ become unavailable, Aurora will automatically recreate the DB instance in a different AZ.
  • If you do not have an Amazon Aurora Replica (i.e. single instance) and are not running Aurora Serverless, Aurora will attempt to create a new DB Instance in the same Availability Zone as the original instance. This replacement of the original instance is done on a best-effort basis and may not succeed, for example, if there is an issue that is broadly affecting the Availability Zone.

15. Currently, encrypting an existing unencrypted Aurora instance is not supported. To use Amazon Aurora encryption for an existing unencrypted database, create a new DB Instance with encryption enabled and migrate your data into it.

Those are some important points about Amazon Aurora which must to be kept in mind for SAA-C02 exam.

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