Prepare AWS Certificated Solution Architect (SAA-C02) Exam

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This blog is for some one who wants to pass new AWS Certified Solutions Architect -Associate SAA-C02 Exam. She or He has already works with AWS for one or two years and already deals with AWS components like EC2, ELB, S3, IAM, SQS etc. at least.

Difference between SAA-C01 and SAA-C02:

SAA-C02 is a new version began on March 2020. And comparing with SAA-C01, new version has four domains instead of five. We can see new version remove “Define Operationally Excellent Architectures” Domain, and “Design Cost-Optimized Architectures” Domain become more weighted.

SAA-C02 Exam Guide vs SAA-C01 Exam Guide

How to prepare:

  1. Go though AWS Certification official site to get know clearly the exam.
  2. Following some online courses to have roughly all the key concept components of AWS.
  3. The best way of preparing exam is to go through again and again the practices exams which I personally recommend the following two in Udemy:

You must do it several times and each time you will find your self getting better and deeper of the domain knowledge. When you can keep your score above 85% each time, that means you are at least ready. If you can get score above 90% each time, that can give you confidence that you are well prepared.

This is no other way but to take the practices tests again and again.

Prepare the exams intensively two weeks before the real certification and keep training your memory and patience.

Remember the wrong questions and avoid to repeat it twice.

Don’t forget that you have a free official sample questions provided by AWS which is quite similar to the real certification exam.

This blog is the start of SAA-C02 serial of this site.